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Board of Executive Officers

Invepar’s current Executive Board is formed of up to seven members, comprising a President and six Vice-Presidents, all elected by the Board of Directors to two-year terms of office, with reelection permitted.
The Executive Board’s responsibilities include: proposing the basic guidelines related to the company’s objectives and targets to the Board of Directors, in addition to ensuring the smooth running of its businesses, pursuant to the provisions of the Company's Bylaws, representing the interests of the shareholders and other agents with whom the Company has relations.
Name Position Date of Election Term of Office
Erik da Costa Breyer CEO 08/16/2016 Annual Shareholders´
Meeting 2016
Erik da Costa Breyer Chief Financial and Administrative Officer and Investor Relations Officer 06/08/2015 Annual Shareholders´
Meeting 2016
Luis Eduardo Simonetti Baroni Engineering Officer 06.19.2017 Annual Shareholders´
Meeting 2018
Tulio Toledo Abi Saber Toll Road Concessions Officer 03/01/2016 Annual Shareholders´
Meeting 2016
N/A Urban Mobility and Airport Officer - -
Eduardo Marques de Almeida Dantas Strategic Planning and New Business Officer 03/01/2016 Annual Shareholders´
Meeting 2016