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Advisory Committees

In line with best corporate governance practices, Invepar has four Board of Directors’ Advisory Committees, which analyze matters related to their specific area of competence and activities and present their recommendations to the Board of Directors. They are the Financial and Investment Committee; the Civil Works Committee; the Human Resources and Governance Committee; and the Internal Audit Committee.

Financial and Investment Committee - Responsible for assisting the Board of Directors in monitoring Invepar’s investments. Presents analyses of the economic scenario in Brazil and worldwide, including the potential impact on the organization’s finances; examines, discusses and presents recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding economic and financial decisions taken by the Board of Executive Officers; and oversees the implementation of financial and investment policies approved by the Board of Directors.

Civil Works Committee - Assists the Board of Directors in analyzing and monitoring the works envisaged in the concession agreements of all of Invepar group companies, as well as presenting recommendations regarding the contracting of works proposed by the Board of Executive Officers and subsidiaries.

Human Resources and Governance Committee - Advises the Board of Directors on such matters as defining business targets and coordinating the evaluation of the executive officers of the Invepar group and its subsidiaries, coordinating the selection of executive officers, and defining the incentive system, such as target-based bonuses, and recommending the adoption of good corporate governance and management practices..

Internal Audit Committee - Responsible for helping the Board of Directors evaluate business risks and internal control mechanisms, overseeing the competence and independence of the internal audit area.